Are there any ways to organize items? If not, are there going to be any updates to organize items? I’d like to be able to organize my items by type, ie fish, fruit, rare items, etc.

Looking to see if there are ways to organize items. I know I’m looking for ways to organize my items, and I’ve seen other people post to sites such as GameFaqs looking to see if there are ways as well. If not, will there be updates to be able to do this?

Asked by basswife261 week 4 days ago

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There is no current way to organize your items currently. Hopefully the game will implement it in a future update!! The only way I've seemed to be able to organize stuff (bugs, fish, fruit, etc..) is to use them all or sell/list them all off. Then collect them in the order you'd like them in your inventory. Also if the item you want next in your inventory isn't spawned for you, you can always buy it from a friend's Market Box.

I hope that my answer helped you out!!