Basic Kiddie Furniture Lost when crafting New versions

I spent all the materials to craft all the basic kiddie furniture only to find that when I crafted the new pink yellow and green versions that the basic versions were wiped from my inventory! I don’t want to spend the materials to REcraft all the basic kiddie furniture... any solutions?

Asked by ratigan2 months 3 weeks ago

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I think that's supposed to happen. The same happened to me with the lovely chair (cute). It is upgrading the item so the basic kiddie furniture goes to the new crafted versions. I recrafted the basic item again.

I hope this helps.

But animals like Roald and Alfonso want the basic versions... It doesn’t make sense to have to spend double the materials to remake the basic versions after updating especially since they require so many materials :(

Have you invited Roald and Alfonso to your campsite already? If yes, you basically don't need to craft the basic versions yet. Wait untill you have many crafting materials left to craft them or just leave them. I seem to hit my limit a lot of the craft materials, for example wood, cotton or steel keep hitting 999/999 which requires me to sell these items.

You can also use your My Nintendo points to get more bells or crafting materials.

I also hit my limit on materials, but mine are wood, paper and steel. Thanks to the newly addition of animals, I’ve been able to get my wood way down.