How cool is the new add-one and 1st season fishing tourney?

I am glad for some new add-one. One of which is 50 more item spaces. If you are like me, that play almost 24-7, it is highly needed.

Some other add-one are:
See your friends full Marketplace Box. This makes it easier to find the items you’re really need.

Watering many pants at once. (Can I get a “what, what”). How many of you were tired of watering plants “1 by 1” and couldn’t wait for this to happen. Especially when you had full gardens to water. 2 thumbs up for this one.

Here are a few things I hope they add on or revise:
Friend search: a functional search box that helps you find friends. Many of us have many friends. We spend countless hours scrolling the friend list, to find those that we frequent. It would make sense to add a search box and/or fav. button on your friends

When you click on a friend and go back, you go back to the friend you clicked instead of going back to the top of the list. I don't know about you, but i hate it when i click on a friend and then click back I find myself back to the top of the screen. This becomes very frustrating when you are in the middle or at the bottom and have a lot of friends to scroll through. Wouldn't it make sense to go back to the name you clicked instead of ending back at the top of the list?

Organize the clothing and crafting items. I am tired of seeing the clothing and crafting items unorganized. If you have more than 1 of any item, show that item an put a number underneath. Like they do for the consumable items (fish, butterflies, etc...)

As for the fishing tourney, It is way cool. I couldn't wait for it to start. Hope to catch a lot of fish and see if I can beat my friends. lol

Asked by ellmoe20001 month ago

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I agree with most of your points! I am very happy with the 50 extra space in the inventory as well! The full market box list of your friends come in handy! The planting and harvesting of flowers is a big plus! Saves me time!

I hope that they can do the fixes too which you mentioned. Going back to the top of the friends list makes no sense at all. A search box would only be handy for the Western names. I don't understand or write Japanese and in my list I have like 20 Japanese friends and I wouldn't know how to type their name in the box, if there would be one.

Organizing clothes and crafting items would be handy! I would like to organize my inventory as well.

The fishing tourney is awesome! I want to catch fish all the time, if they would allow us. Unfortunately it's only ever 3 hour that the tourney fishes spawn.

Oh one more thing. I would like them to add the option to show a message that you have already bought the item in your inventory on the market place and also for the flower trade. Going back and forth in my catalog or inventory to check whether if I already bought an item, is a bit of hassle. I don't have many items left which I need on the market place, but still. Do you have me on your friends list btw? I do have a friend named Ellmoe on AC, but not sure if that's you :)

Sorry just saw this post. High 5 back at you! Lol. I would be interested in joining the ACPC group on Amino. Just let me know what I have to do.

I do have a Twitter account, but I don't really use it.