Will the seasonal flowers still attract new butterflies if I just let them be?

I know that with the new update, freshly bloomed flowers will get a diamond or emerald butterfly. But if I leave the flower be afterwards, not harvest them, will there be any more?

Since you can share your butterflies with other people I just assume they will only get a butterfly again if someone else puts it on your flower, and it doesn't happen by waiting anymore.

Asked by DaVince3 months 2 weeks ago

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by Cronut 1 month 3 weeks ago

I assume they only get a new butterfly when a friend gives you one. Leaving the flower there won’t make new butterflies appear I think.

This does seem to be the case so far. So it's better to harvest some flowers and plant new ones in their place, and leave a few flowers intact for friends to put their butterflies onto.

I know this post is about the “butterfly” season, but I just wanted to post something that might be helpful.

I learned the hard way. It took me 3 seasons to find out when a plant blooms, it gives new insects. At this point you can do one of two things: after collecting, you can leave the flowers be and hope your friends share (this could be a long wait) or grow new plants and have new insects appear. I chose to do the latter.

If you want to accomplish seasonal tasks faster, find a real physical friend to share. Keep sharing insects back and forth. At the same time, it is good to build up an inventory. Keep planting after you’ve collected and harvested. Keep in mind the amount you share. The more you share, the more seeds you get back. With this being said, try to concentrate on sharing one type of insect at a time. The more of one type being shared will increase your odds of capturing that type. This held true for the past season. The “navy ladybugs” were a pain to catch.

I hope this helps anyone trying to accomplish the seasonal tasks.