Animal Unlock Tiers

While unlocking order for animals is random per player, they do unlock by tiers. These tiers are based on the friendship level you can invite them at. For example, you're guaranteed to unlock Beau before level 8:

Friendship Level Manager Level Animal
1 Level 1 Filbert, Goldie, Jay, Apollo, Rosie
3 Level 3~8 Beau, Bunnie, Butch, Cherry, Eloise, Lily, Tex, Bluebear
5 Level 9~18 Apple, Bud, Carrie, Chrissy, Ketchup, Kid Cat, Maggie, Punchy, Sandy, Tad, Antonio, Phoebe
7 Level 19~36 Agnes, Alfonso, Angus, Bitty, Charlise, Cheri, Fauna, Flip, Hamlet, Hopkins, Kyle, Moe, Peanut, Peewee, Rex, Roald, Roscoe, Stella, Raddle
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