The selling price and bundle size for the Steel in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp.
Craft Materials Details
Selling Price10 Bells
Bundle Size200
Used to Craft
Furniture Amount
Modern Table x6
Stripe Table x6
Sleek Chair x6
Green Counter x6
Modern Wardrobe x6
Sleek Sideboard x6
Sleek Lamp x6
Minimalist Lamp x6
Stripe Lamp x6
Amp x6
Effects Rack x6
Speaker x30
Electric Guitar x6
Drum Set x30
Picnic Basket x3
Jungle Gym x30
Tire Toy x6
Elephant Slide x6
Mountain Bike x6
Blue Bookcase x15
Blue Cabinet x15
Modern Lamp x6
Lovely Chair (Basic) x30
Lovely Lamp x6
Lovely Chair (Lovely Pink) x10
Modern Screen x150
Polka-Dot Lamp x30
Polka-Dot TV x30
Space Shuttle x150
Spherical Radar x150
Greenhouse Box x75
Tractor x150
Tin Watering Can x30
Lantern x30
Juicy-Apple TV x150
Rock Guitar x150
Electric Bass x150
Mic Stand x150
Toy Piano x60
Lucky Frog x150
Train Set x75
Crayons x30
Giant Game Boy x150
Shower Stall x150
Ice-Cream Display x75
Changing Room x60
Sewing Machine x150
Brick Oven x150
Teppanyaki Grill x150
Lunch Box x150
Stewpot x150
Afternoon-Tea Set x75
Portable Toilet x30
Sports Car x150
Skateboard Rack x150
Butterfly Machine x75
Weight Bench x150
Cat Tower x75
Laptop x120
Cradle x75
Stripe Shelf x30
Stripe Chair x30
Striped Screen x150
Modern Chair x30
Kiddie Chair x30
Sleek Closet x120
Hose Reel x30
Garden Tools x30
Metal Bench x120
Barbell x30
Illuminated Heart x150
Lovely Table (Black and Pink) x20
Lovely Table (Lovely Pink) x20
Blue Bench x30
Polka-Dot Stool x15
Polka-Dot Low Table x45
Green Desk x15
Sleek Sofa x60
Beach Table x30
Beach Chair x15
Serving Cart x15
Makeup Case x75
Metal-and-Wood Chair x15
Pastel Low Table x60
Wooden Counter x15
Stripe Bed x60
Kiddie Dresser x90
Kiddie Clock x90
Kiddie Bookcase x15
Sleek Side Table x15
Pink Velvet Stool x15
Green Net x60
Modern Dresser x15
Upright Piano x75
Tiki Torch x30
Operating Room Cart x120
Modern Office Chair x15
Office Cabinet x30
EKG Machine x120
Refrigerator x60
Ebony Piano x75
CD Shelf x30
Sink x15
Alpine Lamp x3
Campfire Cookware x15
Exam Table x15
Cabin Clock x15
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